Every search assignment is unique as clients have different needs and diverse corporate cultures. Rasd employs a systematic approach to achieve the desired results swiftly and successfully.
Executive search is a knowledge based consultancy service. Its focus is on assisting organizations to find and attract talented individuals possessing the appropriate blend of skills, experience, and knowledge for the appointment and successful execution of leadership executive roles. The ability to successfully recruit and retain talented people for our clients is the principal differentiating factor for Rasd.

In consultation with the client, Rasd develops a comprehensive in-depth understanding of the position to be filled as well as the culture of the client. We design a specific research project to demarcate the universe of candidates best suited for the position. We then conduct candidates qualification and development to assure a good fit through extensive face-to-face interviewing in preparation for candidates' introduction to the client. Through a reservoir of knowledge and experience, Rasd provides counseling to both the client and candidate to facilitate an agreement and closure. The Executive Search profession exclusively adopts the retainer principle for consultancy services rendered, this approach prevents any conflict-of-interest issues and assures the focus of the retained executive search firm in executing assignments.
Our Board and Committee appointment service provides leading institutions with the opportunity to leverage Rasd's unmatched knowledge and Middle East market experience in retained executive search along with our immediate access to a developed network of executives regionally and internationally.

Rasd helps organizations attract and retain capable non-executive directors who are corporate savvy and hold the relevant knowledge, experience, skills, and required executive competencies for various Memberships which include but are not limited to: Board of Directors, Audit Committees, Risk Committees, and Executive Committees.